The right scented candle for every room


Fragrances are an essential and invisible way to create ambience in the home. Using the right scent, you can quickly create a particular ambience in each room. Not only that, smell also affects your mood, even though you’re not always aware of it. But how do you go about choosing appropriate scents for your home? Perfume doctor Sofie Albrecht shares five tips to help you find the right scent for each room.


Use floral fragrances in smaller rooms

Scents and colours have a similar effect: light scents and colours make rooms seem larger, while heavier or darker aromas and tints have the opposite effect. So, use light floral fragrances for small rooms and heavier ones, such as myrrh, wood, and sweet spices for larger areas.

Fragrance tip: Magnolia Blossom, Spiritual Jasmin, Fairy Waterlily, Wild Orchid


A fresh citrus fragrance in the kitchen

It’s best to use typical aromas in the kitchen that are not overpowering and that are fresh and appetising. So, use subtle, fresh, and natural aromas such as citrus, herbs, or fruit to create the perfect ambience in your kitchen without them becoming overwhelming.

Fragrance tip: Southern Citrus, Berry Cocktail, Tropical Delight

Create a romantic ambience in the living room

There are many different options for the living room, depending on the ambience you wish to create. Gentle floral fragrances are always popular as everyone appreciates them. Should you specifically prefer a warmer, more sensual ambience, then it’s best to go with vanilla, sweet spices, or exotic wood.

Fragrance tip: White Cake Vanilla, Exotic Wood, Apple Cinnamon

Send a fresh breeze blowing through your bathroom

It is no real surprise, but in the toilet or bathroom, you’re better off choosing fresh fragrances such as citrus and seaside. This creates a sense of cleanliness.

Fragrance tip: Southern Citrus, Cotton Blossom, Minty Hammam


Lavender will give you a good night’s sleep

The smell of lavender and chamomile is ideal to banish stress from the bedroom. These fragrances will help reduce stress and sleeplessness, thus helping you to enjoy the best night’s sleep.

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