Clearlights Box

17,50 €

Each box contains:

  • 1x 24 Clearlights (Burn-time 4.5h)
  • 2x Nedda tealight holders


Fragrance: White Cake Vanilla – Vanilla
Nothing can make you hurry home like the smell of White Cake Vanilla. This classic vanilla fragrance, combined with a fabulous baking smell, transforms every house into a home. This nostalgic aroma brings back memories of family and being together.

These scented tea lights look very chic in their clear cups. You can slowly watch the paraffin transform into a clear liquid. The light of the candle is reflected in the liquid, imparting a colorful glow that is quite different from the glow of a waxine tea light in an aluminum cup. Clearlights come in 13 scents and colors. The scents were inspired by scents in nature and are very diverse. Combine the various colors and scents depending on your mood and interior. The Clearlights are packed per 24 and have a burn-time of 4.5 hours.

Technical Specifications

1.4 kg